Yield of test made to know the capacity of the well for final installation of pump permanently – through V-Notch plate test by flowing air compressor for certain hours, depending upon the cost and place to be studied / investigated.

Our company, ground water engineersare equipped with latest technology and backed by highly qualified and experienced professionals who can determine the quantity of water, which can be extracted in a day from a Bore wells using air compressor, V Notch, over pumping with barrel and stop watch and step drawn down methods.

• Flushing and Cleaning of Bore wells with Air Compressors

Existing Bore wells both active and defunct can be revived / rejuvenated by using high pressure air compressors and also by chemical treatment to the pores and slots of Bore wells.

• Selection Supply and Installation of Pump

We offer the facility for selecting suitable pumping equipment based on the hydraulic particularly derived by conducting yield test to save power and to give optimum efficiency of the system.