Our hydrogeology and geochemistry projects draw from our diverse team of in-house water resources specialists including contaminant hydrogeologists, geochemists, modellers, aquatic biologists and other related disciplines. The Ground water engineers is driven by excellence and recognises the importance of integrating technical, legal, regulatory and economic issues to support our clients in making effective decisions during all stages of a project. We have extensive practical experience in all aspects of hydrogeological site characterisation and utilise industry-standard software and state-of-the art tools and equipment. We are also recognised for our significant contributions on numerous professional and technical committees for the development and review of technical guidance documents for groundwater practitioners.

Operating from a well established hydrogeological base, our specialist teams of geologists, hydrogeologists and geochemists undertake all aspects of ground water studies including scoping, prefeasibility and feasibility studies. We provide a range of services related to ground water quality and quantity including resource exploration. Ground water modeling specialists develop site specific conceptual and detailed models for the evaluation and prediction of dewatering, groundwater impacts and water supply.

We assist in the design and implementation of monitoring systems, including the selection and procurement of instrumentation. Routine sampling and monitoring services are available through experienced field technicians.

  • Baseline characterization for scoping, prefeasibility and feasibility studies
  • Design and implementation of field programs to support baseline studies
  • Field services - geotechnical and hydraulic testing programs
  • Dewatering assessment and prediction for underground and surface mine design
  • Water supply and development studies
  • Environmental impact evaluations for groundwater and surface water resources
  • Numerical modeling in support of dewatering and environmental assessments
  • Numerical modeling to support solution mining (lithium, potash, and uranium)
  • Pit lake evaluation and mine closure