De-watering Systems are essential in modern construction sites where deep foundations have to be laid and the water table is high. These systems ensure that the construction begins on a solid foundation. We use the Wellpoint System which is an advanced system that is far superior to the old steel system. It is highly efficient and has a successful track record as the most satisfactory method of eliminating problem sub-surface water from construction sites besides lowering the on-site water table to a grade below the level of proposed excavation.

Our team of qualified engineers and site personnel who have been trained to handle de-watering projects and have many years of experience. This is a service industry and Dewatering has strong support team to assist customers with planning, engineering, execution, handling problems or unexpected conditions. They can rely on them for any support at any time. The equipment is available for sale and also on a rental basis. We also undertake dewatering services contracts on a turnkey basis for large jobs.

The simplest form of dewatering is sump pumping, where groundwater is allowed to enter the excavation where it is then collected in a sump and pumped away by robust solids handling pumps. Sump pumping can be effective in many circumstances, but seepage into the excavation can create the risk of instability and other construction problems.

The Wellpoint System commences groundwater dewatering, dewatering system installation and operation to drain the site before excavation work starts. The advantage with this system is that heavy excavation equipment can be used immediately and the water table controlled easily through all phases of excavation.